Sublimation screen printing transfer ink

Sublimation screen printing transfer ink

Sublimation screen printing transfer ink Main Characteristics Inks suitable for the decoration of sy
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                             Sublimation screen printing transfer ink

Main Characteristics
Inks suitable for the decoration of synthetic fabrics using the sublimation transfer technique.
Transfer sublimation printing is a procedure in which particular colors are first stamped on paper,
or other suitable material, and with the application of heat to the printing, a mirror image is then
transferred onto textile articles.
Good printability.
High concentrations of the base colors.
Fast drying.
Excellent resistance of the colors sublimated onto the fabric, to the light, to washing and to rubbing.
1. Such ink non-toxic, harmless, no smell, no adverse effects on the human body.
2. Heat transfer in a variety of chemical products, polyester thin film and metal-coated board.
3. Used for a variety of domestic and imported heat transfer machine.
Detailed Method
Before using this ink,first stir and then use.depending on thin or thick,add water or thickener.
Depending on the detailed information of required text or graphics,with 120-300 mesh screen printing, per kg heat transfer
ink could print 10-17O,transfer for at least 3-4 times.It surely can improve the effectiveness and reduce costs.
Paper requirements
Silk screen with 80 grams, 120 grams kraft paper (roll), you could  transfer more than 3-10 times, not coke, not bad and not
to fight wrinkles, suitable for the real printing the large of Yin version.
Application Fields
Synthetic fabric for clothing.
Synthetic fabric for furnishings.
Decoration of pre-treated materials.
Printing Techniques
PLATE SILK SCREEN (recommended screen from 120 threads or 305 meshes)
Specific Supports
Coated and calendered paper from 135 / 150 gr/m² with dimensional stability.
Suitable Fabrics
Nylon fabric.
Acrylic fabric.
Polypropylene nitrile.
Parameters for the Transfer
Temperature: 205° - 210° C.
Time: 35 – 40 seconds.
The following is the transfer printing parameters for your reference
Name of fabric Transfer temperature pressure Time
Polyester fabric 205桫220 0.5kg/cm2 1030 seconds
Polyester deformation fabric low elastic 195桫205 0.5kg/cm2 30 seconds
Triacetate fabrics 190桫200 0.5kg/cm2 3040 seconds
Nylon fabric 195桫205 0.5kg/cm2 3040 seconds
Acrylic fabric 200桫210 0.5kg/cm2 30 seconds
Two acetate fiber fabric 185 0.5kg/cm2 1520 seconds
Polypropylene nitrile 190桫220 0.5kg/cm2 1015 seconds

Dye degree:(European Standard)
Color fastness
Color Magenta(HPA604) Yellow(HPA204) Cyan(HPA404) Black(HPA804)
Rank 5-6 6 4 4
N.B. The control of the colors is always carried out after the transfer of the final supports.
The relationship between the temperature and the time of contact is important in order to have the optimal color resistance
and ink penetration (the longer the time of transfer, the better the ink
penetration of the fabric).

Storage Indications
Products in their original unopened containers maintain their characteristics for one year if stored in a well ventilated place
with a temperature between + 5° and + 40°C.Products opened, but immediately closed after use, have a shelf life of at least
6 months.

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